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BubbleUp Football

5-aside football gone mad! BubbleUp into inflatable bubble suits and cause chaos to the beautiful game. Score as many goals as you can wrapped inside a huge inflatable zorb. Bounce, roll, and bash your way around the field while enjoying a ton of football-themed fun.

  • 8-15 Players: 1 hour session

  • 16+ Players: 2 hour session

From £22/person

What is Bubble Football?

Bubble football is a hilarious take on the game. Also known as Zorb Football, players wear an inflated bubble suit that covers their upper body whilst also allowing their legs to move freely whilst wearing the zorb. Once you're Bubble'd Up, you will split into two teams ready to play a game of bubble football. We add a special twist with BubbleUp football competitions such as Bubble 1v1s , 2v2s and Free-for-all. Crash into other players to shove them aside to gain the advantage. Excellent for sports enthusiasts and a fun day out!

What's Provided in BubbleUp Football?

  • Referee who also coordinates the event

  • Pitch Hire

  • 10 Bubble (Zorb) Suits

  • 5-A-Side Bubble Football Match

  • Alternative Bubble activities like Sumo, British Bull Dog, Bubble Football duels and Bubble Football Last Man Standing

Where can I play?

We offer sessions in South Wales and South West England. Cardiff, Newport, Swansea and Bristol are the main cities we operate in. *

Who can play?

Anyone over the age of 10 can play but we recommend that children play with other children of similar age. We also allow spectators.

What should I wear?

You must wear trainers and wearing shorts is not recommended due to potential carpet burn.

How safe is Bubble Football?

The inflatable bubbles are thickly padded and covers the upper body so there is minimal risk. In case of a rare emergency, there are first aid trained personnel on site.

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